Doctor Emmet Cole
Emmet Fire Magic
Air date March 6, 2012
Written by Michael Green
Directed by Michelle MacLaren
Starring Main Cast
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The Experiment

This article pertains to the Season 1 episode entitled "Doctor Emmet Cole". If you are looking for the character of Doctor Emmet Cole, that article can be found at Emmet Cole.


After finding Emmet's camera bag during a trek to the Sahte Falls, the Magus crew examines the tapes and finds footage of Emmet, with two of his crew members looking for "The Source"; a tribe living in the jungle who have powers to heal or achieve anything. As a mysterious demon follows them, killing one of the crew members that leaves the other one in shock that she decides to leave, Emmet is left by himself. In the jungle, he realises that he might have made a mistake coming out here. As he progresses through the jungle alone, hungry and weak, the mysterious demon follows him, and as it is about to take Emmet's life, tribesmen come and save him. They heal him, and take him to a base in the jungle, before hurrying off. People from the base see Emmet and rush towards him to help. The Magus crew realise that he is alive and trek the jungle to find the base, only to discover it is abandoned.

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