Lena Landry
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Lena Landry
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Russ Landry - Father


Lena Landry was just as lucky of a kid as Lincoln Cole, having him as a best friend as they traveled the world with "Undiscovered Country." Lena's father, Russ Landry, was Dr. Emmet Cole's trusted cameraman, who disappeared with Dr. Cole in the Amazon rainforest. Unlike Lincoln, Lena enjoyed the adventures, and now she must use her survival skills to find her father with the search party.


Lena spent much of her early life onboard The Magus along with Lincoln and Emmet Cole. Lincoln and Lena have formed a bond over the course of their adventurous lifetimes. Over the past couple of years, Lincoln and Lena have lost contact with each other until Emmet's beacon is reactivated, and Clark Quietly's crew along with Lincoln and Tess Cole set off for the Amazon Basin. Word of their search for Emmet attracted Lena, and she took a helicopter to the middle of the rainforest in order to join the search party.

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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What happened Lena in the sporting goods store?
  • Answer: Because she was marked by the Xulo she had a vision of Emmet and her father being alive, she felt them more likely.