Lincoln Cole
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Portrayed by
Alive (Resurrected)
First seen
Episode count
Lincoln Cole
Also known as
Former Personality on "Undiscovered Country"
Family members
Emmet Cole - Father
Tess Cole - Mother


Lincoln Cole was considered the luckiest kid in the world, traveling to dozens of exotic countries with his famous explorer father Dr. Emmet Cole and his loving mother, Tess Cole, to film a nature show. Unfortunately for Lincoln, he wasn't too keen on having cameras invading his privacy, especially because he was just trying to be a normal kid. He eventually grew distant from his father, but when Dr. Cole's emergency beacon goes off 6 months after his disappearance in the Amazon rainforest, Lincoln must start a search party with his mother. Lincoln sacrifices returning to the front of the camera in order to find his father, as the only way to fund the search party is by letting it be filmed for television.

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