A Morcego tribe member peering through the leaves.

The Morcegos are a legendary tribe that hunt down and kill anybody who acts selfishly in the Amazon. Often used in stories told to frighten the local children into acting selflessly, the Morcegos are known to blind their victims as to make them more vulnerable. The Morcegos first appear in Los Ciegos when they begin to hunt down the crew after Clark shoots a boar due to a jumpy reflex. Jahel shows prior knowledge in explaining the meaning behind their actions.


  • "Los Morcegos" translates to "The Bats" in Portuguese. The crew explores a bat cave bearing the mark of the Morcegos (and encounters a population of bats) early in the episode.
  • The Morcegos' signature eyeball drawing symbolizes their relationship to eyes; they blind their prey to make them easier to hunt, they tear the eyes out of those they find selfish, and have dark paint over their eyes.

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