Lena Peaches
Air date February 28, 2012
Written by Wendy Battles
Directed by Rob Bailey
Starring Main Cast
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The Magus crew comes across another vessel, only to learn that the seemingly welcoming crew members have a very different agenda; and a shocking discovery leaves one crew member in tears.

Plot SummaryEdit

While the Magus is traveling on the river at night, they run into another ship named "The Exodus". Tess allows the people on the boat to come on their boat. Tess and the group meets Annabelle and her crew. Everybody except Lena and Jonas. Lena and Jonas is outside the ship until they see a face on the other boat. Both go the boat to explore. Lena notices how old the boat is. Both venture down in the boat to find a locked room with prisoners. Jonah opens the boat to see Russ Landry and another crew member. Lena and Russ reunite while Jonah the other prisoner talk.

Back on the Magus, everybody is finished eating while one of Annabelle's crew goes off. Kurt follows him to Lena's room. Right there, Kurt shoots the member, killing him. Tess and Annabelle goes to the top of the Magus to talk. Annabelle attempts to convince Tess and some other members to go onto the Exodus.

Back at the Exodus, Lena and Jonas learns that the Exodus is a ghost ship, and you die if you stay on the ship after sunrise. Your spirit can only rest if another person goes on, allowing another person to leave. Jonas unchains Russ and the other prisoner and they escape, just to to be stopped by Annabelle. The ship starts to move. The remaining members at the boat get a signal to rescue them.

After moments of searching, they spot the Exodus minutes to sunrise. The crew emerges from their rescue boat as Lincoln throws firecrackers on the Exodus. Everybody except the Russ and the prisoner leaves. Lena clings on Russ' hand, saying to come with, and Russ replies he cannot because he is dead. After moments of struggle, they are able to pry Lena's hand from Russ as he burns. Lena cries as they return to the Magus.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Was Russ involved with capturing the replacements from The Magus before he knew his daughter Lena was one of the replacements?
  • Who is the other prisoner that was with Russ?
  • How long was Annabelle and her crew stuck on "The Exodus"?

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