Russ Landry
Russ Exodus
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Russ Landry
Also known as
Camerman on "Undiscoveried Country"
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Lena Landry - Daughter


Russ was Emmet's lead cameraman and best friend. He is also the father of Lena Landry.


Russ traveled with Emmet on every "Undiscovered Country" shoot..

In Peaches, Russ was found aboard the Exodus, a ship attempting to help the Magus by lending them some spare parts. It was later discovered that the Exodus was a ghost ship, and that Russ and it's crew needed to force new crew members onto the ship in order for their soul to move on.

After a desperate struggle to get off the Exodus before sunrise, Kurt and Lincoln burned the Exodus with flares. In doing so, Russ and the other souls trapped on Exodus were released.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How did Russ end up on the Exodus?
    • After separating from Emmet in the jungle and being lost and hungry, he came upon the Exodus' lights and thought he was saved. He was let on the the ship where he 'replaced' one of the crew members who he saw "walk away"and therefore became stuck to the ship like the other 'ghosts'.