The Experiment
Kurt The Experiment
Air date March 13, 2012
Written by Soo Hugh
Directed by Kenneth Fink
Starring Main Cast
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Doctor Emmet Cole
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Still following clues to Emmet Cole's disappearance, the Magus crew end up at his last known location—an abandoned research facility. They discover that the research done there has turned the inhabitants into cannibals, who begin to stalk the crew. One of the researchers-turned-cannibal is Kurt Brynildson's former girlfriend. The reason for all his secrecy is finally revealed.

Plot SummaryEdit

The beginning of the episode, it shows the group seven months ago, Lincoln just learned that his father is missing.

The episode shifts back to present, they find the research facility. The place looks deserted and abandoned. They enter and hear German music. They follow the sound and shuts it off. They travel more and goes into the kitchen. They hear a buzzing sound and open the freezer. A bunch of insects are buzzing around a pile of a dead corpse, some still standing. They group says that they look like they were eaten. They immediately shuts the door. Later, they return to see if Emmet's body is in there. Lincoln checks and he is not in there. They explore more of the building and finds Rabbit inside a bath tub. They took her to the rest of the group, unable to get answers because she was in shock. They start to leave when they are chased by a cannibalistic zombie. Kurt kills the zombie, and they retreat to the same room where the music was heard. They barricaded the door when two came. Lena finds a video and shows that Hanna, Kurt's fiancee, came in and shot the bottle where the virus is contained. She infects herself and the rest of the doctors. The group looks outside to see even more zombies. The zombies disappear, and they see a light in the infirmary. Rabbit shows them a tunnel that connects to the infirmary. While traveling, they see the zombies sleeping. Kurt sees Hanna and tells the rest to go. He shoots the zombies, and they retreat. When they reach the infirmary, they can't find the source of the light. They reach the roof and follow a dragonfly. It takes them to an orange cocoon on the top. Tess cuts the cocoon and finds an unconscious, naked and weak Emmet. They take him to the ship and is followed by a barking dog. Tess tells it to come on the ship, it whimpers and leaves. The boat leaves, unknowingly, carrying Hanna and another zombie.

Later that night, Rabbit is killed by Hanna. They tell the rest of the group and everybody hides. Kurt finds Hanna trying to break into the control room. As she breaks the glass, Kurt reluctantly tries to shoot her. He finally musters the courage and kills her. Downstairs, Tess is attacked the other zombie, and he was shot by an alive Emmet.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Did Kurt know about the experiment(s) being conducted by his girlfriend?
  • Why did Kurt's girlfriend break the glass containing the virus, ultimately infecting herself and the doctors?
  • Did Kurt really kill Hanna? Or did he choose not to kill her because of his former love?